Confessions of Cheap Escorts

I had a great time working for London escorts, but for personal reasons I decided to move on, and do something different. Since I left the London escorts service which I used to work I have done okay for myself. I have become a regular blogger and it is okay. However, lots of people are publishing books on the Internet, and I keep on wondering if I should write a book about my time with London escorts.

Have a lot of former London escorts written books about working as cheap escorts in London? When I think about it, I don’t think that any former London escort has written a book about working for London escorts. To make any money, it would have to be sort of a kiss and tell book. The one thing which I could not do would be to use the name of the gents I used to date. It would just cause too many problems for me, and I would not want to go down that road

Are people curious about London escorts? I think that there are plenty of people out there who are genuinely curious about what goes on when you work for a London escorts service. They may be wondering what it is like to date several different gents per night. I would also imagine that many of them would like to know if there are any special perks to working for London escorts. That is the other thing that I could put in the book.

How many words would I need? I think that I would need at least 12,000 words to make the book work. I guess that I would have to give a little bit of myself. My readers would probably love to hear about some of the sexy adventures that London escorts get up to. They would also probably like to hear about the many different dating styles that London escorts are into. The first book would certainly have to give my readers into what London escorts are all about. Perhaps the confessions of a London escort could come later.

At the moment I am playing around with different titles for my book. I have come up with a few which I think are really good. The title really needs to tell my readers what the book is all about. It is super important to have a hot headline, and I would love to find the perfect one. Would I reveal all of London escorts dirty little secrets? I am not sure that I would reveal all of them, but at the same time, I would need to give my readers a general insight into what working for an elite London escorts service is all about. Are you ready for the confessions of a London escort? I hope that you are, and I am really looking forward to writing this book. Will be a successful? Well, you never know…but I certainly hope that I will sell a couple of copies at least!